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SELF-e Indie Publishing Program

SELF-e makes your e-book available to thousands of readers not only through HCPL, but in other participating Maryland libraries and possibly in the Nation. Write your book, create your cover, and uplo ad. There are several advantages to SELF-e including the ability to grow your readership; bring out of print books back into circulation; and build an audience who will purchase the books you have for sale. You control your work, maintain the rights, and can see how your work is being received. Get started and upload here.

Are you an author of Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy or Young Adult fiction? The you may qualify to win a review in Library Journal's December Best Books edition of the print magazine, $1,000, a chance to be featured at an awards reception at ALA Midwinter and more. Click here for more information!

Why should you “SELF-e?”
Self-publishing is great option for many authors. Whether aiming to produce a bestseller, distribute information or preserve a personal history, each author is contributing to the community in a significant way.  SELF-e allows these authors to be represented in the HCPL collection and in others across the State and Nation. Learn more about the SELF-e program and how it can work for you in this informational video.

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