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Public Library

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Manuscript Submission

Have you already written something or have a project in mind? Would you like to get an opinion? Project proposals and prose of up to 2000 words may be submitted to be considered by professionals. Those with poetry may submit up to three poems. All work for manuscript reviews must be received by e-mail no later than September 9, 2013. You will be notified in your conference packet where to meet with your reviewer during one of two times: session 1, 11:45am to 12:05pm or session 2, 12:35pm to 1pm, for a one-on-one session to discuss your work and ideas.

Payment for this review is separate from the registration fee and is an
additional $50.00. When you pay for this with your registration, you will receive the
email address for sending your submission on your receipt.

The details outlined below are required for manuscript submissions. Any not prepared in this way will be unread.

File Format: Should be saved in Word 2007 or later.

FONT: Times New Roman or Courier New, 12-point


  • Use 1” margins—top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Do not justify the lines for text—use flush left.
  • Double-space only (not single, not 1.5).


  • Upper left corner: Name, address, telephone, e-mail
  • Upper right corner: Word count (remember <2000 words!)
  • Centered on page [Title of Your Work] (boldface, all caps) by  [Your Name or Pseudonym] (“normal” font)

HEADER: Writer’s name / TITLE OF WORK (use the slash and put the title in all caps) / page number

Each Page: The title and/or chapter number starts 3” from the top of the first page of the text. Double-space under the title and use 5-space indentions for every paragraph except the first one, which should be flush left under any chapter or story title. Don’t forget that every piece of dialogue starts a new paragraph.






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Manuscript Submission