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The world’s largest newsstand is available at Harford County Public Library! Over 150 publications are available in complete magazine format. It is just like reading the real thing on your computer or smart device. Once you check out a magazine, it will remain in your personal reading account until you delete it.

Zinio-for people who love magazines!


Getting Started:

First, connect to Zinio and click “Create New Account” in the upper right hand corner or login to an existing account. You can browse and check out your magazines from the library website. If you will be reading them on a computer, you can select the Start Reading button to read the issue in your browser. If you would like to download the magazine to your smart device for off-line reading, download one of the following apps below from your app store.

Mobile Apps

iPad | iPhone | Android | Win8 | Kindle HD/HDX

Help and Additional Information:

If you need help, go to the help and FAQ Page.

If you have a Kindle Fire HD/HDX, you will need to set up your device to download an app from outside the Kindle app store. See the Zinio Help page for instructions. Or, contact a librarian. We’ll be glad to help.

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