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Support for the Libby app for Windows

Please read the following message from OverDrive Support

Based on user feedback and testing, we has decided to discontinue support for the Libby app for Windows. Windows users will still be able to use Libby on their device in-browser at and we will provide in-app messaging to help impacted users with this transition.

Ending support for the Windows app will let us focus development resources on the more widely used Android and iOS platforms. We will also continue to make updates and enhancements to the browser experience at

We are currently updating our marketing and help resources to direct Windows users to and ask that your library updates relevant patron-facing resources as well.

As we update help and marketing materials we will also:

  • Remove the Libby app from the Windows App Store the week of December 7th, 2020 to prevent any new users from installing the app.
  • Display in-app messaging prompting Windows users to access Libby in their browser at When users transition to the browser, we will preserve as much of their reading data as possible, including saved libraries, library cards, and active loans and holds. Note that tags and historical timeline activity will not carry over to the browser.

Note: offers the same great features as the app-store version of Libby, except the ability to download books for offline use. To access this functionality, users can download Libby for iOS or Android on a compatible device.