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Grab N' Go pickup services are available Monday through Saturday at your local branch.
Click here to schedule your appointment.

The Bel Air Library will be closed for approximately 10 weeks beginning Wednesday, April 5 for major repairs.
The Passport Acceptance Facility will be temporarily relocated to the Abingdon Library at 2510 Tollgate Road.
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Daria Parry
Daria A. Parry
Chief Operating Officer
Kathy Cogar
Kathy Cogar
Chief Financial Officer

Charles Ross - Senior Director of Human Resources
Beth LaPenotiere - Senior Director of Public Services
Arthur Squire - Facilities & Operations Director
Ryan Rickels - Information Technology Director
Leslie Greenly Smith - Marketing & Communications Director
Ashley Fedele - Materials Management & Technical Services Director
Amber Shrodes - Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement
Adam Romanik - Virtual Services Manager
Procurement Manager