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County Council Budget Hearings

Each spring, the County Executive proposes a budget to fund county operations and capital programs for the upcoming fiscal year that begins on July 1. The County Executive’s recommended budget is based on revenue projections and must be approved by the Harford County Council. Typically, both the County Executive and County Council host budget hearings for citizens to provide input on the next county budget prior to voting on its approval.

Harford County Proposed FY25 Operating Budget

Harford County Proposed FY 25 Capital Budget

Harford County Proposed FY25 Budget-in-Brief

County Council Public Hearings on the FY25 Budget are scheduled as follows:

  1. Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 7:00PM in the Council Chamber
  2. Monday, May 13, 2024 at 7:00PM in the Council Chamber
  3. Meetings will be live streamed with Video/Audio and archived on the County Council website. For more information, visit

Some suggested talking points

  • Thank the Council members for their support.
  • Seeking wage parity with county employees. Staff after all are the Library’s most valuable asset.
  • Inflation is hitting everyone hard, and the library costs are no exception – funding is needed for rising costs in materials, electricity, technology, and processing of materials to name just a few.
  • In the past, the County paid for the infrastructure and upkeep of the buildings. Now the library is absorbing more of the costs in maintaining aging buildings.
  • Close with a thank you.

How much value does the library provide you?

Tell your story about the Harford County Public Library! Leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail. We want to hear what your library means to you.

FY 2023 Value of Select Library Services*

QuantityLibrary ServicesRetail ValueValue of Services
820,220Adult Books Borrowed$30.00$24,606,600
1,024,490Children’s Books Borrowed$20.25$20,745,923
745,238Digital Materials Borrowed$20.00$14,904,760
200,097DVD’s Borrowed$19.99$3,999,939
30,280Music CDs Borrowed$15.00$454,200
36,524Audiobooks on CD Borrowed$40.00$1,460,960
12,404Playaways Borrowed$65.00$806,260
1,242Little Leaper Kits Borrowed$189.00$234,738
1,668LEAP Science Kits Borrowed$110.00$183,480
741LEAP Music Kits Borrowed$250.00$185,250
1,729WiFi Hotspots Borrowed$50.00$86,450
6,882LSC Kits Borrowed$150.00$1,032,300
16,432LSC Toys Borrowed$25.00$410,800
1,281American Girl Dolls Borrowed$147.00$188,307
566Superhero Kits Borrowed$50.00$28,300
19,598Magazines Borrowed$4.50$88,191
38,835Interlibrary Loans$25.00$970,875
214Meeting Room Use$100.00$21,400
401,626Program Attendees$15.78$6,337,658
71,448Online Class Attendees$144.00$10,288,512
77,387Hours of Computer Use$12.60$975,076
379,664Database Searches$10.00$3,796,640
368,659Customer Queries Answered$7.00$2,580,613
196Light Therapy Lamps$20.00$3,920
Total Value $94,391,152

*The values above are based on the estimated retail value of the materials or services

Interactive Library Use Value Calculator

What is your library worth to you? How much would you pay out-of-pocket for your library services?

  • Enter the average number of times per month you or your family use each service.
  • Click "Calculate" to find the estimated retail value of your library use!

Library Services Estimated
Retail Value
(i.e. Internet, word processing, etc.)


Note: The values used above are based on the estimated retail value of the materials or services, with research from the Maine and Massachusetts State Libraries and HCPL staff.

Some Harford County Public Library Facts (FY23)

Harford County Public Library operates 11 branches located throughout Harford County offering access to ideas that inform, entertain and inspire. Last year the library interacted with its residents more than 12 million times – borrowing free materials, visiting branches and the website, using free WiFi, and attending classes and events. In 2021 Harford County Public Library was named a Star Library by Library Journal.

Harford County Public Library offers customers an array of free resources including books, eBooks, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, computer use, author presentations and programs for all ages. People searching for jobs are using the Library to complete job applications, fax resumes, submit applications online, create email accounts, and search health information.

  • 726,558 customers visited our branches by walking in, or using our convenient drive-through service
  • 6,510,843 people made virtual visits to the library, used our website and our new library app
  • 3,042,749 items were borrowed from the library
  • 401,626 babies through adults attended library programs
  • 368,659 questions were answered by Librarians
  • 13,327 volunteer hours were donated to support the efforts of the Library