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Children’s Sensory Room

The Children’s Sensory Room is a unique and calming space for children up to age 14 and of all abilities to interact with an array of multi-sensory experiences. This state-of-the-art sensory room for the community opened in October 2019. It is located within the Children’s Area of the Abingdon Branch of Harford County Public Library and is designed for children to seek, explore and relax through touch, light and sound. The Children’s Sensory Room is a low-stress, fun environment for children, along with their families, to work through their emotions, explore their senses, develop coping strategies, and improve focus. Some of the sensory experiences include:

  • Relaxing to soothing sounds,
  • Watching bubbles stream and rise in the bubble tubes, and
  • Enjoying a variety of tactile sensations.


The Children’s Sensory Room is designed for children up to age 14, with an emphasis on family participation. The Sensory Room may be reserved and library staff will provide a detailed room orientation to all visitors. Children, together with their families and caregivers, may benefit from calming effects, stimulation, socialization, improved focus, motor skills development, cognitive development, and sensory development.

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Children's Sensory Room