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Buying, Selling or Maintaining a Home

Buying a Home

CatalogWe have a lot of materials that will help you navigate the home buying process.
Harford County

Harford County has information and courses for first time homebuyers

Home Partnership

Under the Programs tab, find workshops and counseling services for first time homebuyer and more.

Maryland Mortgage

Maryland Mortgage Program provides some great information on finding a lender in Maryland.


Maintaining a Home


We have many materials on home repair and home improvement for you to choose from—no matter how large your project.

Home Improvement Reference Center

Do you have a wiring or plumbing repair and you don’t know how to get started? We have a database that will tell you how to do almost anything around the house.

MD Dept of Labor

Get advice on using a home improvement contractor, find out who is licensed in Maryland, examine a standard contract and information on specific repair issues (i.e.,mold, lead paint)

MD Whole Home

Do you have necessary or energy saving repairs that you can’t afford? Maryland WholeHome has grants and loans that might help.


Selling a Home


Of course we have Materials.
Search under house selling as a subject.

Peoples Law

The People’s Law Library of Maryland also has great information.


Help when you need it

Harford County

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage and are worried about foreclosure, Harford County Housing and Community Development can help.

Maryland Dept of Housing and Community Development

The State of Maryland can help you if you are at risk of foreclosure.