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Information for Candidates for Public Office

Harford County Public Library strives to provide residents of Harford County with the most accurate and up-to-date information on local events. As the election nears, children may be given homework assignments to research candidates, their backgrounds and their issues. Adults search out this same information to enable informed choices at the polls.

In the spirit of the Library's Neutrality Policy, the Library does not support nor endorse any individual candidates. In an effort to provide our customers with reference information about issues and candidates in a balanced fashion, we invite each candidate for public office to submit thirteen(13) copies of one(1) piece of campaign literature to:

Leslie Greenly Smith, Marketing & Communications Administrator
Harford County Public Library
1221-A Brass Mill Road
Belcamp, MD 21017

The campaign materials will not be displayed but will be accessible to the public in a file at the reference desk in each of the library branches. While much of this information is available online, there remains some demand for print.

If you have any questions about submitting materials to the Library, please call Leslie Greenly Smith, Marketing & Communications Administrator, at 410-273-5707.