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Harford County Public Library And Maryland Department Of Natural Resources Fishing Rod Loaner Program

Fishing Poles

The library, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, is pleased to provide loaner fishing rods to encourage children and families to explore the sport of fishing, and enjoy Harford County’s natural resources.

Circulation Parameters:

  • All rods MUST be checked out from and returned to the Joppa branch
  • Rods are not requestable/holdable
  • Rods circulate for 3 weeks
  • 1 rod per adult card
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • $2.00 per day overdue fine

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Fishing Rod Loaner Program


Maryland Fish License Information:

  • Age 15 and younger do not need a license.
  • Fish license for age 16 and up are available for 7 days or annually.
  • Licenses are designated tidal or non-tidal.
  • Residents 65 and older can purchase a combined tidal/non-tidal annual license for a reduced rate.
  • Bait and tackle shops: Crippled Alewive Lure Co, 515 Hanna Rd, Bel Air; Reel Perfection, 324 Flying Point Rd, Edgewood; Harford Crabbing and Tackle, 3404 Conowingo Rd, Street.
  • Fishing licenses may be purchased at any of the Harford County Walmart stores.

Maryland Fishing Regulations:

Quick Tips:

  • Carry the rod upright with one hand while using the other hand to hold the line above the hook to prevent injury.
  • Do not run with the rod.
  • Avoid casting overhead when trees are near.
  • Build a circle of safety before casting. Ensure there is a rods’ length on either side and behind you before casting.
  • Any cut line, hooks, or other trash should be disposed of properly. Don’t leave it behind for animals to ingest or for other anglers to be injured.

How to Release Line and Cast:

  • Hold the rod with the reel above the rod.
  • Press and hold the button on the reel. The line should release (may need to shake the rod slightly).
  • Release the button and wind the reel lever toward you until about 2 feet of line is remaining free.
  • Press and hold the button and swing the rod over the water. The line should flow across the water.
  • Release the button in the middle of the cast.
  • Reel in the line until the slack is taken up and the bends and kinks of the line disappear.

For More Fishing Information: