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Children's Sensory Room

Parent Tips

Bubble Tubes:

  • Relax in front of the tubes as you watch the bubbles rise and fall
  • Count the bubbles as they move through the tube

Fiber Optic Lights:

  • Stimulate vision and touch as you recline in the beanbag chair
  • Identify the colors as they change

Reflective Surfaces:

  • Dance and move in front of the Bubble Mirror and watch the reflections change as you move
  • Shine the flashlight on the Mirror Ball to see the dazzling display

Nanoleaf Light Panels:

  • Use your voice or an instrument and cause the lights to change
  • Play music on the iPad and enjoy the light show

Projector with iPad:

  • Choose a calming image or video and immerse yourself in the scene
  • Use the guided yoga app to help develop body awareness
  • Wall Panels:

    • Feel smooth, prickly, warm and cool surfaces on the Texture Panel
    • Listen to the sounds each texture makes as you rub them
    • Demonstrate cause and effect by moving the flower on the Snowdrop Panel to hear the bell

    Gel Floor Tiles:

    • Use your hands and feet to move the gel and observe the motion
    • Stand the tile up to see the gel calmly move and float through the tile


    • Choose from a variety of seating to maximize your experience
      • Beanbag chairs for lounging and relaxing
      • Wiggle cushions for balance and motion
      • Concentration rockers for rhythmic rocking
      • LED light stools for visual interest

    Sensory Kits:

    • Choose from a variety of Sensory Kits to enhance your experience. Kits include a variety of items with visual, auditory and tactile interest.