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Silver Reader

In 2006, the Harford County Public Library unveiled the Silver Reader, a 33-foot bookmobile created especially to provide library services to seniors living in various Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Apartments, and Long-Term Care facilities across Harford County. This initiative aimed to address accessibility challenges within senior living communities, ensuring that Harford County’s seniors facing mobility challenges, or other constraints could still access and benefit from library resources.

In response to changing needs and with a steadfast commitment to enhancing accessibility, in 2021, the Silver Reader introduced Lobby Stop service, further expanding its reach within senior communities. At a Lobby Stop, Silver Reader staff set up a small, temporary, pop-up library in a common meeting area or lobby, making it easy for residents to access library materials without leaving their home.

By 2023, the Silver Reader bookmobile reached its golden age and will only make special appearances.

Original Silver Reader Illustration

However, service to the county’s seniors continue- Silver Reader staff have transitioned to the more agile and vibrant Traveling Library Van, ensuring the continuity of essential library services and provide accessible library services through lobby stop service for senior community residents.

New Silver Reader Illustration

Highlights of the Lobby Stop Service include:

  • Convenience: Experience a personalized monthly library visit right in the senior community's lobby or common area.
  • Curated Collections: Browse curated carts of high-interest library material in multiple formats such as large print, audio CD, and playaway.
  • Immediate Access: Sign up for a new library card on-site with immediate borrowing of material. Library material can be returned directly to the Silver Reader at its next visit.
  • Personal Librarian Experience: Request specific items tailored to a senior’s individual interests.
  • Hold Retrieval: Pick up held items during the lobby stop, eliminating the need for additional trips to the library.
  • Personalized Digital/Tech Assistance: Receive individual guidance and support from Silver Reader staff to navigate digital library resources, including accessing e-books, with ease.
  • Community Engagement: Opportunity to share the love of reading with other residents, fostering a sense of community and connection.
  • Specialized Services (Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities): Deposit Collection/Door Drop Off Bundles to support Activities Staff for programming and other events.

To learn more about the Silver Reader outreach service, please call (410) 638-3151 ext. 6352 or email us at

Additional Contact Information

Phone: (410) 638-3151

Bel Air Branch Manager
Annie Kovach
Ext. 6310

Library Associate - Silver Reader
Kelly Donelson
Ext. 6352

Library Assistant - Circulation
Mary Schemm
Ext. 6306