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Test Proctoring

The Harford County Public Library offers test proctoring for a fee payable at the time of the test. Payment will be accepted in cash, check or credit card. Customers paying by check must have a valid Harford County Public Library card.

Fee Schedule:

$25 for one test, per test date
$5 for each additional test proctored the same date
$.25 per page for faxing if county resident and $3 per page is non-county resident
$.25 per page for printing
Students requiring test proctoring should contact the library branch at the beginning of the semester or session.

Students must schedule an appointment for test proctoring at least 48 hours in advance of the desired date. Students should call the library branch 24 hours before a scheduled appointment to verify the exam has been received.

All test or exam materials are the responsibility of the schools and students.

The library staff person monitoring the examination will verify the identity of the student by requiring presentation of a photo ID before administering the examination. If required, proctor verification forms must be filled out before the exam is administered. Library staff cannot stay with the student during the proctoring session.

Completed examinations will be returned to the testing institution only via the U.S. Postal Service in postage-paid envelopes provided by the student or institution. The library is not responsible for any proctored exam and associated materials that are lost and/or misplaced. The library does not retain copies of the completed exams.

Exams Requiring a Computer Interface:

The library can provide a computer with Microsoft Word and Internet access. Due to security issues, however, the library does not allow the installation of any special software on a library computer that may be needed to complete an examination. Students are responsible to make sure that the Library’s computing resources are adequate for their test taking requirements.

No exams will be proctored on Sundays.

We are sorry, but the library cannot guarantee that a private room will be available for test taking.