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Seafood-Maryland Style!

Farm & Bay to Table

When you think Maryland- you most certainly think Seafood! Join us as we "dive" into all things crabs- from steamed to Imperial and a little rockfish to boot. We’ll also talk about the legendary Chesapeake oyster and learn the secrets of Single Fried Oysters. The Bay now has a number of invasive species but we'll focus on the Blue Catfish, the biggest invasive, and transform the bad boy into delicious "Catties", a Chesapeake version of a Coddie. Then Chef John, Library CEO Mary, and Jack Brooks, an owner of JM Clayton Company- the world’s oldest crab company located in beautiful Cambridge, Maryland- will really get cooking in the kitchen! This is the event you have been waiting for!


Single-Fried Oysters

Crab Imperial Maryland Style

Blue Catfish “Catties”