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Meeting Agendas and Approved Minutes

Fiscal Year 2022

Meeting Date
June 15, 2022 Agenda (pdf)Minutes
May 19, 2022Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
April 21, 2022Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
March 17, 2022Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
February 17, 2022Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 20, 2022Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December 2021No Meeting Held
November 18, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 21, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 16, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
August 2021No Meeting Held
July 15, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Fiscal Year 2021

Meeting Date
June 17, 2021 Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 20, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
April 15, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
March 18, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
February 18, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 21, 2021Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December 2020No Meeting Held
November 19, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 15, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 17, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
August 2020No Meeting Held
July 16, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Fiscal Year 2020

Meeting Date
June 18, 2020 Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 21, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
April 16, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
March 26, 2020 (Cancelled)AgendaMinutes
February 20, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 16, 2020Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December 2019No Meeting Held
November 21, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 17, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 19, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
August 2019No Meeting Held
July 18, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Fiscal Year 2019

Meeting Date
June 20, 2019 Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 16, 2019Cancelled
April 18, 2019Cancelled
March 21, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
February 21, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 10, 2019Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December 6, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes
October 18, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 20, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
August 2018No Meeting Held
July 19, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Fiscal Year 2018

Meeting Date
June 14, 2018 Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 17, 2018 (Meeting Cancelled)AgendaMinutes
April 19, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
March 15, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
February 15, 2018Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 11, 2018AgendaMinutes (pdf)
December 2017No Meeting Held
November 16, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 19, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 14, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
August 2017No Meeting Held
July 20, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Fiscal Year 2017

Meeting Date
June 8, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 18, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
April 20, 2017Agenda (pdf)Meeting Cancelled
March 16, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
February 16, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
January 12, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December 2016No Meeting Held
November 17, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 20, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
September 22, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
July and August 2016No Meeting Held