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Genealogy Resources

Silent Sentinels of Aberdeen Proving Ground

The Silent Sentinels of Aberdeen Proving Ground: a Compilation in Three Volumes of Cemetery Grave Markers of the Military and Private Cemeteries at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Volume 1

Volume 1 Complete (pdf)

Volume 1 parts
Cover & Table of Contents (pdf)
Index of Proper Names (pdf)
Intro Validation List of Private and Military Cemeteries (pdf)
Military and Private Cemeteries (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-1 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-1-EA (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-2 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-2-EA (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-3-EA (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-PI Pooles Island (pdf)

Volume 2

Volume 2 Complete (pdf)

Volume 2 Parts
Cover & Table of Contents (pdf)
Military Cemetary M-1-EA (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-3 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-4 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-5 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-6 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-7 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-8 (pdf)
Private Cemetery P-9 (pdf)

Volume 3

Volume 3 Complete (pdf)

Volume 3 parts
Cover & Table of Contents (pdf)
Military Cemetery M-1 (pdf)