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be closed due to air conditioning issues.
Whiteford Branch Closure: Beginning Tuesday, July 16th, and continuing through Thursday, July 18th,
the Whiteford Library will be closed to repave the parking lot, weather permitting.
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Schooner Cove

Schooner Cove - Frequently Asked Questions

Schooner Cove is an interactive early literacy and learning center for children ages birth to six and their caregivers located inside the Havre de Grace Library.

Our simulated outdoor environment appears on the water and includes developmentally appropriate books and activities that are specifically designed for parents and caregivers to help their young children learn through play. Caregivers and their young children can play interactively in several themed learning areas:

  • Little Lagoon (for infants)
  • Schooner Cove Power Station
  • Ranger Station
  • The Pond
  • Shipping Yard
  • The Beach
  • Lighthouse
  • Schooner

Each area is furnished with engaging play activities and materials which promote:

  • language & literacy
  • mathematical & scientific thinking
  • social & personal skills
  • small and large motor skills
  • physical development & the arts

Hours Back to Top

Q: When is Schooner Cove open?

A: Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 7:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Q: When is Schooner Cove the busiest?

A: Schooner Cove is busiest on weekday mornings and Saturdays. Feel free to call the library and check our status, 410-939-6700

Group Visits Back to Top

Q: How many chaperones do I need for a group visit?

A: We require at least 1 adult to accompany every 3 children, in order for adults to be actively engaged with the children in their care.

Q: Do you allow private parties?

A: We do not host private parties in Schooner Cove. However, you are welcome to invite your child's friends (birth to six years) and their parents to meet you here at the library.

Older Children Back to Top

Q: Why can't my older child come into Schooner Cove?

A: Schooner Cove was specifically designed for children from birth to six to engage interactively with their caregivers. Recognizing that parents are a child's first teachers, the guiding mission of Schooner Cove is to help children, along with their caregivers, gain the skills they need to learn more effectively in school. Though Schooner Cove may look like a play area for families with older children, it is actually a learning environment intended for the youngest children preparing to enter school. While children who have entered school might enjoy some of the features of Schooner Cove, they are at a different developmental level than the children for whom Schooner Cove was designed.

Q: What can my older child do while his younger brother or sister and I play in Schooner Cove?

A: The main part of the library has a full service children's area where your older child can read and play while you and your young children visit Schooner Cove. Please make arrangements as needed for someone to stay with your older child.

Q: May a babysitter take my child into Schooner Cove?

A: Since the legal age for babysitting is 13, teenagers 13 years and older may accompany children birth to six. Teenage babysitters must understand that they are considered the adult in Schooner Cove and thus are expected to interact with and supervise the younger children they are with at all times.

Cleaning and Safety Back to Top

Q: How do you keep Schooner Cove clean?

A: To maintain an organized and hygienic environment, Schooner Cove is tidied throughout the day. We ask our visitors to help by encouraging their children to use our materials appropriately and put them away before moving to a new area. Visitors are invited to place any toys they feel need cleaning in our "Sanitize Me" bin.

Q: Do you allow adults without children into Schooner Cove?

A: We do not allow unaccompanied adults in Schooner Cove. Adults who arrive without children are welcome to tour Schooner Cove with one of our staff.

Q: Can I bring my stroller with me?

A: We have special "parking" for strollers in the Stroller Room, which is to the right inside Schooner Cove.

Volunteers Back to Top

Q: Are there opportunities to volunteer in Schooner Cove?

A: Volunteer opportunities are oftentimes available at the Havre de Grace Library for Schooner Cove or other library areas. Additional information is available through the Volunteers page and by contacting the branch Volunteer Coordinator at 410-939-6700. We cannot guarantee there will be work available at all times and the library is under no obligation to accept volunteers.

Books, Toys and Materials Back to Top

Q: May I borrow materials from Schooner Cove?

A: Schooner Cove books may not be checked out. Copies of those same titles, however, are available in our regular collection. Schooner Cove toys do not circulate. You will find many more materials, such as Little Leaper kits and LSC Bags for children and parent resources for adults, in the main part of the library.