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Schooner Cove

Schooner Cove Parent Tips

Discover the Little Lagoon

  • Cuddle up with a board book, sing a simple rhyme and play in the lagoon.
  • Crawl, stand or cruise with your baby over to the picnic table and around the rocks.
  • Peer inside the light and sound boxes and talk to your baby about what you see and hear.

Go Fishing in the Pond

  • Write, draw or scribble a petroglyph message.
  • Catch and match fish with the oversized fishing game. Practice more math by counting, adding, sorting, and finding patterns.

Explore the Ranger Station

  • Sort by color, size and type at the Curiosity Crate.
  • Venture beneath the Ranger Station, find the Fox Den, send a secret message through the talking tube, and discover the hidden treasure.
  • Sing “Down By the Bay” and make up silly rhymes.

Get Moving in the Shipping Yard

  • Measure, pack, and move freight into ships using the cranes.
  • Construct with gizmos and gears and take an up close look at the inner workings of machines.

Set Sail on the Schooner

  • Climb aboard the Schooner and take your turn at the captain’s wheel. Keep your eye out for treasure!
  • Investigate the bowels of the ship and create a colorful pattern on the light board.
  • Relax in the reading net and read books together.

Use Your Imagination at the Beach

  • Read, listen to, and retell features stories using props and imagination.

Generate Wow at Schooner Cove Power Station

  • Play with word parts in the Schooner Cove Power sign by lighting it up. Talk about the letters, syllables, and words in the sign.
  • Create a fish run around the dam. Stimulate creative thinking by adding obstacles, like limiting the number of pieces or including drops.

Illuminate Yourself at the Lighthouse

  • Navigate the touch screens on the Lighthouse, featuring new apps each month.

Go to the Early Literacy page for more tips and information.